For the majority of manufacturing software, functionality is the core of any ERP development. There are many degrees to which manufacturing companies use ERP as a resource that is an invaluable resource for completing projects.  The type and functionality of the software is entirely based on the industry focus.  Manufacturing companies utilize ERP systems to modernize operations, customize requirements and manage complicated supply chains in order to build profitable, sustainable and social businesses.

ERP software offers users enough flexibility to manufacture a variety of different items and performs efficiently to produce high quality products at low cost.  ERP software provides integration of every aspect of production and delivery for manufacturers regardless of their industry.

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The ERP software selection must incorporate more than the basics in convention and functionality. For an organization that desires to optimize its competitiveness in wholesale distribution environment, the ERP software must offer innovative features such as a complete warehouse management system, a fully-integrated CRM functionality and ideal financial management.  Additionally, many wholesale distributors’ clients require a strong supply chain management system that can manage advanced planning, merchandise importing, and distribution requirements. Choosing the proper ERP system with the right distribution software functionality will help you and your company improve quarterly statements, work zone efficiency, reduce costs, and improve future orders. This will facilitate great success in the distribution industry and mitigate many challenging facets to your business. 

While practically all ERP software solutions have a distribution attribute, not all ERP solutions offer full-faceted and dynamic features to manage complex and possibly multiple distribution networks.  For an organization operating in a wholesale distribution environment, advanced distribution software functionality is paramount to the success with any ERP project.

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ERP software employed in the financial sector simplifies everyday activities within an organization such that it is personnel compatible as well as easily accessible. These functionalities include efficiently managing all accounting transactions, revenue recognition and management, account allocations, taxation, budget management, and financial reporting.

A valued ERP software solution will include strong financial management software that is fully integrated with the organization’s core functional areas and values, including (if applicable) manufacturing, shipping and receiving, and sales order management.

This form of ERP offers full financial transparency into all transactions which are fully synchronized with current sales and inventory levels. This visibility will provide accounting personnel and the executive staff with current, accurate and fast financial data to facilitate highly informed and quickly developing business plans and activities.

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ERP Implementation

Kingfisher Consulting knows that ERP Implementation can be challenging. Between selecting your solution and constructing it to match your business needs, there are many variables to consider throughout this setup.  The transfer of data, preparing for and managing change across your organization as well as re-training staff to perform their tasks, and the whole world of business management solutions can seem insurmountable.

With Kingfisher you will gain the prospective knowledge and power you will need to enter an ERP implementation and complete it without obstruction or frustration.  You may have already experienced or received anecdotal information from colleagues that ERP implementations can be challenging. However, with the proper planning and specific attention paid to organizational change management, your implementation can be an easily managed process.  

Why Microsoft NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Simple, Smart, Innovative

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for mid-sized organizations that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use. Right from the start, simplicity has guided— and continues to guide —innovations in product design, development, implementation, and usability. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has more than one million users worldwide and is available in more than 40 country versions. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can implement proven industry-specific functionality relevant to your needs—even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations. The result? A cost-effective complete ERP software solution tailored precisely to your unique requirements— one that helps your employees be more effective and your company more competitive. Why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is right for your business?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can provide your organization with value that extends across your operations and helps you: Simplify your business with a single solution. Integrate and centrally store financial, manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing, project management, human resources, and services information.  Improve productivity. Help people accomplish more every day with a familiar, intuitive user experience that works like other Microsoft software they already use and provides RoleTailored access to relevant information and tasks.  Make smart decisions. Simplified access to job-specific information and tasks helps employees view work priorities and access the information they need to make informed, confident decisions; a wide range of analytical and reporting tools can help you gain insight into business performance.  Implement rapidly. Quickly set up and customize your system to meet your current business needs, knowing that you can easily adapt to changing demands by adding functionality, custom applications, and online business capabilities.