Kingfisher Consulting Group is actively looking for talented, self-starting individuals to join our team as an Associate Consultant.  An Associate Consultant will receive intensive, personalized training to become as a first class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Specialist and Business Consultant.  

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We would like to hear from you

Who Are You?

- Bold, determined and self-starting -

- You like to learn -

- You worked as a teenager -

- You took at least 3 years of a foreign language -

- You are interested in other people and cultures -

- You appreciate our environment -

- You like to figure things out -

- You like computers -

- You are interested in business -

- You appreciate being paid for your worth -

Who Are We?

- We value intelligence and initiative over experience -

- We educate and train -

- We do what is right -

- We appreciate our environment -

- We  will always be able to figure "IT" out -

- We enjoy dialogue and debate -

- We look beyond the obvious -

- We believe in 'work hard, play hard' -

- We encourage teamwork -

- We reward excellence -