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Here at Kingfisher Consulting we know what it takes to successfully choose and implement the right ERP software solution for your business.


Kingfisher Consulting knows that ERP Implementation can be difficult. Between selecting your solution and constructing it to match your business needs, there are many variables to consider throughout this process.


Most businesses do not have access to experienced personnel who are familiar with ERP systems. KFCG will help you expand your team for the short and the long term; providing the best results to benefit your organization.

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With Kingfisher you will gain the prospective knowledge and power you will need to enter an ERP implementation and complete it without obstruction or frustration.

About the Company

About the Company

Kingfisher Consulting Group, LLC is an independently owned and operated business software and ERP consulting firm headquartered in New London, New Hampshire.  After 15 years of consulting employment with several internationally based ERP consulting organizations, Mr. Doheny founded Kingfisher Consulting in 2014.  Cooperative resources from dozens of colleagues both domestically and internationally complement Mr. Doheny’s experience and expertise.

Our Team

Meet the Kingfisher Personnel
Michael Doheny
Michael Doheny
Founder & CEO
Dee Doheny
Dee Doheny
Marketing Manager

What’s Your Strategy?

We'll Share Ours!

Kingfisher Consulting Group will help you discover, analyze and strategize the best way to move forward with the optimal ERP software solution for your company. All multi-point decisions are based on your philosophical, physical and ideological conditions. Some of the facets we will develop for your organization include:

  • Using assessments and metrics, help you define your strategic mission for the next 3-6 years.
  • Create a cost-benefit analysis for potential replacement systems, such as ERP, CRM, financials, accounting, supply chain management, manufacturing and other core enterprise systems.
  • Assess your business model to match you with the most suitable software.
  • Evaluate potential IT and enterprise system options.
  • Define an organizational change management and “people” strategy to support the defined road map.
  • Through Organizational Change Management, educate key stakeholders and managers on strategic technological trends and best practices for ERP.

ERP Software Selection

Kingfisher Consulting Group will help you find the best ERP software for your company that will benefit not only your budget but also your time and operational needs.

The extensive expertise at Kingfisher, over 100 years of cumulative ERP experience, makes it simple to get to know your business, understand your needs and planned growth.  We will personally evaluate all of your human resources in order to effectively identify the right solution for your business. Our highly trained and experienced consultants have expertise with more than 100 ERP vendors. Not all vendors are right for you.  We will match every detail to find the ERP software for your business and help you through a positive, cost effective, efficient implementation process.

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